Vancouver Market Snapshot Demo ReportHow's the Vancouver Real Estate Market? Find out with Market Snapshot...

Market Snapshot is an essential tool for home buyers and sellers to show you local housing market trends for the Vancouver area, community or neighbourhood of your choice.


Research the local housing market conditions just like a Realtor. Get exclusive access to live market activity and statistics such as sold homes, properties for sale, listing inventories and days-on-market trends.

Market Snapshot provides home buyers an interactive map view of all active and sold property listings, market stats, housing price trends, and listing details for homes they are interested in. For Sellers, Market Snapshot helps you quickly identify local selling prices, market trends and your closest listing competition.




Learn more about all the Market Snapshot features below...

Housing & Price Trends for Your Neighbourhood... in a Snapshot!

Vancouver Market Stats Dashboard


The Market Snapshot dashboard contains a quick summary of the vital market statistics for your target neighbourhood area and comparable properties. Clicking on the ‘View 90-day trand’ links brings up a detailed graph and analysis for each section which charts the market activity for the last 90 days.


Average days on Market displays the calculated average days on market for the listings in this report. The Selling vs Asking Price displays the percentage amount that, on average, homes sold for above or below their asking price. Average Selling Price displays the median sales price of all sold homes in this report period. The Number of Homes for Sale stat displays the percentage increase or decrease of homes for sale over the reporting period.

Vancouver Market Snapshot Map Listings

Interactive Map shows all Properties for Sale, Sold Homes and New Listings... even before!

The map area displays your home address (for sellers) or your chosen area of interest (for buyers) and all the comparable properties found in the area which match the selected home criteria you are looking for.


You can zoom into the map to get a Bird’s Eye view of the area or toggle the display of Recently Sold listings, New Listings, and For Sale listings by using the checkboxes at the top of the map.


To the left of the map is list of all the properties used to generate the report's statistics. Clicking a property in the list will focus the map on its location, and you can click the link to view full listing details.

All the Essential Real Estate Market Stats... You’ll Ever Need.

1. Average Days on Market graph shows how long homes similar to yours were on the market before they sold. A lower average days on market typically represents a seller’s market (generally easier to sell a home) while a greater average days on market represents a buyer’s market (generally easier to buy a home).


2. Number of Homes for Sale chart compares the number of new listings, sold listings and the total number of homes currently for sale. If recent sales considerably outnumber new listings you could be in a sellers' market and if new listings considerably outnumber recent sales you could be in a buyers' market.


3. Average Selling Price graph shows average prices and high/low prices of homes for sale and recent sold properties that are similar to yours. This graph helps identify the latest market pricing trends and a general indication of how homes like yours have been doing over the last 90 days.


4. Selling vs. Asking Price chart compares the original listing prices with the actual home selling prices. If average selling prices are equal or more than asking prices, then it’s more likely a sellers' market (generally easier to sell a home). If the selling prices are considerably less than asking prices, then it’s more likely to be a buyer’s market (generally easier to buy a home).

Vancouver Real Estate Market Statistics Charts Analysis

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